About Us

Meowella Jewelry is a cat-themed jewelry store with beautiful jewelry for cat lovers.

We are the perfect jewelry store for cat owners and cat enthusiasts.

Meowella Jewelry was created by Ashley Lauren Spencer in Dallas, TX to help people express themselves through their love of cats, whether that be in the form of fashion or just admiration from afar.

Our mission is to provide our customers with pieces they can wear proudly and share with others.

Meowella's goal is to have every person who visits our website fall in love not only with the product but also feel connected on some level to other people who love cats as much as we do!


Meowella Jewelry Brand Ambassadors - Nikita (left) & Dinah (right)!

Nikita and Dinah


About Nikita

Nikita is 11 years old and has been with Ashley for 9 years.

She was rescued from the streets at 2 years old along with her kittens, and after meeting lots of humans, she refused to let anyone adopt her except for Ashley.

They're bonded for life and are kitty-human life partners.

Nikita is so excited to be a part of an online store for cat lovers only!


About Dinah

Dinah is 9 years old, and coincidently, Dinah was born exactly 9 days after Ashley adopted Nikita! Talk about fate!

She has been with Ashley since she was 5 years old.

Dinah lived a rough life before she was adopted. She was homeless with her human and wasn't taken care of.

But then she met Ashley and now Dinah is living every cat's dream life! Endless attention and every nice cat thing she could ever want.

Dinah is very excited for humans to have nice things too with our beautiful cat-themed jewelry - because cats are the best!