Moissanite Sterling Silver Cat Necklace (0.3 carat)

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So much sass, so much class. And with a brilliant 0.3 carat D color VVS1 moissanite stone, it's no surprise that this sterling silver cat necklace is one of a kind—just like you.

The 'Meowella Moissanite Sterling Silver Cat Necklace' is the paw-fect way to show your love for your feline friend.

This beautiful necklace features a 0.3 carat moissanite stone set in sterling silver.

Moissanite sparkles with a rainbow-like reflection, which some say sparkles more than diamonds, for a fraction of the price.

The moissanite stone is GRA certified and has a serial number, meaning it is of the highest quality.

Plus, it passes the diamond quality test 100%, making it a perfect alternative to traditional diamonds.

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